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The road rules for mobile phone use are not the same in every Australian State and Territory so drivers should always make themselves aware of the rules related to mobile phone use in the jurisdiction in which they are driving.

The Australian mobile phone industry strongly believes that the best approach to reduce the risks involved with driving and the use of mobiles is to provide clear information on how drivers can comply with the road rules using best-practice mobile phone technology to ensure that they keep their eyes on the road.

AMTA is committed to increasing support, awareness and adoption of the national set of ‘model road rules’, called the Australian Road Rules, which allow drivers to use their mobiles hands-free and in approved cradles to help reduce the risk of reaching for mobile devices in cars.

Click on the links below for information on the specific laws in your State or Territory to ensure you understand how to comply with the law when using mobile phones behind the wheel.

But remember, legal hands-free phone use is not appropriate in all road and traffic situations. So check out our safe driving tips as well.


road rules
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