Professional drivers often need to keep in contact while out on the road, including updates with operations staff or to speak with fellow drivers.

For long-haul truck drivers – talking with family and friends on the phone can be a welcome break from the long solitary days and nights on the road.
In fact, recent naturalistic studies from the US have found that talking and listening on a mobile phone hands-free could actually be a safety benefit for commercial truck drivers by lowering their risk of being involved in an accident.
This is most likely because talking to friends and family can help keep drivers alert and awake, much like chatting with a passenger.
Although there may be no safety risks from hands-free talking, drivers often need to take several risky steps in order to make a call, such as reaching for a phone and dialling.
Also, the use of hands-free phone kits does not guarantee safety in all conditions and safety must always be the first priority.
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