Tasmania adopted the Australian road rules on November 30 2009.

The below simple description of the mobile phone use law in Tasmania is from the Tasmanian road rules booklet - Version 9 November 2012 (pdf).

Mobile phones
Don’t use a hand-held mobile phone when driving or stationary in traffic unless you are making or receiving a phone call and the phone -

 - is secured in a commercially designed holder fixed to the vehicle, or

 - can be operated without you touching any part of the phone

All other functions (including video calls, texting and emailing) are prohibited.
Holding the phone (whether or not engaged in a phone call) is also prohibited.  “Holding” includes resting the mobile phone on your lap, or between your chin and shoulder, or passing the phone to a passenger. 

Outlined below is a full description of the mobile phone law from the 2009 Road Rules, which is available from the Tasmanian Legislation webpage – current as at 1 June 2013.

300. Use of mobile phones
(1) The driver of a vehicle must not use a mobile phone while the vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked, unless –
(a) the phone is being used to make or receive a phone call (other than a text message, video message, email or similar communication) and the body of the phone –
(i) is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle while being so used; or
(ii) is not secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle and is not being held by the driver, and the use of the phone does not require the driver, at any time while using it, to press any thing on the body of the phone or to otherwise manipulate any part of the body of the phone; or
(b) the vehicle is an emergency vehicle or a police vehicle; or
(c) the driver is exempt from this rule under another law of this jurisdiction.

For more information see the Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources webpage on ‘Using Mobile Phones and Visual Display Units’ and their associated fact sheet (pdf).

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