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Use your mobile phone responsibly while driving this long weekend

Chris Althaus cradle photoIt’s not appropriate for drivers to use their legal hands-free mobile phones in all situations on busy roads over the Easter and Anzac Day long weekends. When drivers judge that it’s safe they must use cradles or Bluetooth to comply with the law.

Latest driving research supports Australia’s hands-free phone laws

Cradle 2A new study on the distractions faced by real-world drivers that analysed thousands of hours of in-car video footage has again highlighted the dangers of taking your eyes off the road to text, dial or reach for a mobile phone.

Deadly reminder of text driving danger

Brooke Richardson crashThe parents of Brooke Richardson know all too well the deadly consequences of texting while driving and through their road safety campaign and recent media appearances they are hoping to educate other drivers of the dangers of illegal mobile phone use.

“Don't look away from the road” says pioneer of real-life driving research

Tom DingusVTTI Director Professor Tom Dingus A cutting-edge research technique that uses in-car cameras and sensors to record real world driving has shed new light on the role distractions play in road crashes and has led to significant law changes by governments around the world.

Showing drivers how to use mobiles is key to safer driving and not unenforceable bans

Driving-handsfreeDrivers in Victoria should have access to more information informing them how to comply with driving laws using approved hands-free devices to minimise the risk of distractions, says AMTA following recent calls for bans in that state on drivers’ use of mobile phones.

Research does not support hands-free phone ban

Cradle smallA recommendation to ban all mobile phone use while driving, including hands-free calls, by the Victorian coroner is not supported by the latest real-life driving research that shows there is little risk from talking on a phone compared to visually distracting tasks like texting and dialling.

Pedestrians overtake drivers in US for mobile related hospitalisation

handheld talkingMore than 1,500 pedestrians were treated in hospital emergency rooms in 2010 for injuries related to using mobile phones while walking, according to estimates in a US study.

NZ law change halves illegal mobile phone use while driving

Driving NZTexting and chatting on a handheld phone while driving has more than halved on New Zealand roads after laws were introduced to ban handheld phone use, a new study has found.

How to avoid Victoria’s tough new driving penalties for mobile phone use

Police fineVictorian drivers should buy, install and use a cradle for their mobile phone when driving and learn how to use their smartphone s features to reduce the risks of driver distractions if they want to avoid bigger penalties set to be introduced across the State in November.

NSW Government rejects bigger fines for hand-held mobile use while driving

NSW police stop2 smallThe NSW Government has rejected calls to increase the penalties for repeat hand-held mobile phone offences recommended by a State enquiry panel, instead planning to improve police enforcement of distracted driving.
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