Welcome to Keep Your Eyes on the Road, the Australian mobile phone industry's initiative to encourage safe, responsible and legal mobile phone use while driving.

Here you can find information on the road rules for mobile phone use in your Australian State or Territory  so you know exactly what you can and cannot do behind the wheel to comply with the law.

We have also developed a handy list of tips for drivers on how to make safe and legal use of your phone on the road with advice on the most dangerous and risky tasks to be avoided.

Our advice to mobile phone users is based on the age-old adage: “Keep your eyes on the road”, which is supported by the latest research of real-world driving conditions that shows the key to significantly improving road safety is for drivers to keep their eyes on the road and avoid visually distracting tasks.

Check out our latest news section for our blog on news, research and developments and our links to recently published research on mobile phone use and driving.

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